Military Mom Finds Mission With Isagenix

Barbara Flight

Barbara knows firsthand the joys and struggles of being in a military family. Retired from the Army herself, she was a military wife for 11 years while raising three young children. After more than a decade of moving every few years, she and her family are finally settled in the Thousand Islands area of Ontario, living a life they’d previously only dreamed about.

With her husband still on active duty and Barbara working with the Army as a full-time civilian project manager, she was exhausted.

Barbara was already in good shape, even training for a half-marathon when she found Isagenix. But she was tired, drained, and wanting to reshape her body. The friend she was training with was using Isagenix with great results, and after a little research, Barbara decided to try it, too. After just a few days of using the products, she felt more energized; she could work out harder and recover faster.

A couple months after starting the products and still not willing to share her Isagenix secret, she and her family relocated again. At her new office, a co-worker asked what she was doing and where she could get the products. Barbara didn’t know exactly what to do, but the thought of helping someone with their health appealed to her, so she reached out to the friend who’d enrolled her for her advice and expertise.

Soon after, she was building an Isagenix business. The week she had her third child, a lightbulb went on. She’d discovered the potential of her business, and realized that by investing more time, Isagenix could be more than supplemental income for her.

By prioritizing her business, using her time effectively, and lots of hard work, Barbara was able to build her business and leave her corporate job to focus on her Isagenix business full time.†† In January of 2013, she was recognized as a six-figure earner at New Year Kick Off. She and her husband were able to finally settle down and move to their dream house in the country, where their kids can run free, climb trees, and hear the birds every morning.

“I got my groove back. That’s what was exciting for me. I felt better, and that applied to all facets of my life.”